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    2014:  Year of Oskar Kolberg


    Oskar Kolberg was a composer and Europe's most prolific folklorist of the 19th-century. He created an accurate account of Polish folk art and culture of his time, in the form of 33 tomes of regional monographs, published throughout his life.

    2014 is proclaimed The Year of Kolberg by The Minister of Culture and National Heritage of Poland. Oskar Kolberg was born February 22nd, 1814.

    Oskar Kolberg, whose father Juliusz was German-born engineer and whose mother Karolina Mercoeur was of French origin, spent his whole life and career as a composer, and ethnographer (before there was ever such a demarcation). He rigorously documented the folk culture of his adopted homeland. Once a younger friend of Fryderyk Chopin, before his departure from Poland into irreversible exile, Kolberg came to believe that Poland would one day rise again, as a sovereign nation, precisely due to the preservation of its culture, a pillar of which was its symbolic and artistic folk tradition. This was the cause to which he decided to contribute with his talent and a lifetime of hard work.



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