Heart of a City: The Farmer's Market

14 Apr 2014 12:05 PM | Anonymous

Undoubtedly, our Sister Cities (San Francisco and Kraków)  have a lot in common.  Both can boast about their history, culture, architecture, and food.  An important central place in every major city is the Farmers' Market.



San Francisco has five large Farmers' Markets.  Kraków has one.

Let's take a brief look at Farmers' Markets in San Francisco.  The Budget Travel website has categorized San Francisco Farmers' Markets as follows:

      1.     Where the chefs shop:

Here the winner is The Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market.  Open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, usually until 2 pm.

2.     Open late:

The Upper Haight Street Farmers' Market offers live music. Wednesdays.

3.     Most scenic:

Fort Mason Center Farmers' Market, definitely stunning views. Sundays only.

4.     The newest:

Mission Community Market, food and crafts. Thursdays.

5.     One day only:

The Underground Farmers' Market is considered a "private event" , so you must sign up to attend.

Definitely, all of San Francisco’s farmers' markets are worth visiting and exploring. They give you a taste of the City’s ambience and an idea of seasonal foods.


Jackie Jones and her dancing wooden cat at the Alemany Farmers' Market

When it comes to Kraków, there is only one well-known farmers' market, beloved by the citizens of Kraków, and by tourists and gourmets alike:  Stary Kleparz.




This market has a long history, dating back to the 12th century. During the time of Communism Stary Kleparz was the centre of Kraków's underground economy. Here you could find the food, household items and clothes that were not available in stores. Thanks to its great location - very close to the Main Market, between Plac Matejki, Basztowa, Filipa and Długa streets – it is accessible to people from all neighborhoods.


The name Kleparz is derived from the word “klepać”, which in the local dialect means “to bargain”.  Yes, you can and should haggle here!


Stary Kleparz is divided into many sections and you can literally get anything you can imagine here -- awesome diary products - famous oscypek and bunc cheeses as well as freshly baked bread and rolls, fish, flowers, sweets, etc.




But most of the market's space is devoted to natural, organic fruits and vegetables. Buying there is like a ritual and customers usually have their favorite stands and vendors who know their customers' tastes.  If they don’t have what you like, they will not insist on a sale.






If you're looking for top-quality meat there is only one place – Pigi -- that has unforgettable szynka (ham) and soy pâté.  Ask anyone to show you the way.


Kleparz is always busy and it's open every day. The best day to experience the essence of its atmosphere and energy is Saturday. Prepare yourself for an intense shopping trip. Be ready for great bargains. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself fighting with some famous citizens of Kraków for the same delicious tomatoes.


Finally, when you get everything you need you can take a rest and relax in an adjacent coffee house or simply take a walk through the Main Market.


Even if you are not a big fan of shopping, visiting this vibrant, lively place is worth your time. 





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