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In honor of Kraków, we join the support of WOŚP-SF

Recently Pawel Dlugosz, leader of WOŚP-SF shared the following information with our members:

I'm proud to announce that for the first time in history, WOŚP (The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity) will play in San Francisco. We’ve managed to establish a small but full of fervor outpost run entirely by volunteers, which doesn’t lack ideas nor the energy to act. 

The Orchestra has been playing - in Poland and across the world - for 26 years. From raising funds in trash bags, melting down donated jewelry, operating on sheer camaraderie it has become a yearly occurrence, that Poles simply can't go through a harsh winter without it. Generosity is after all contagious.

We're currently working out a timetable for the Grand Finale, that'll be held at the historic Polish Club in San Francisco between 4-9pm, Sunday, January 14th, 2018. It'll be a mix of local performers, auctions, first-aid classes (by the Polish Scouts), games, contests and much more. We simply can't pull out all of our aces. 

Early in December, we've launched a fundraising campaign via GoFundMe that has surpassed our goal in just 6hrs (!!!), and it keeps trending. Not only that, we've released our promo clip for the Grand Finale, that reached over 3000+ people via Facebook & has been seen 440 times since "airing" on Friday. We expect that number to at least double by another week.

"What can I do" you ask? Well, together we can work towards the goal set for this year: providing equal access to healthcare for newborns in Poland. Any, even the smallest form of assistance makes a world of difference - offering donations of auction items or baking or cooking something.  We welcome all support.  All profits go to our end goal. 

You can fill out our form, and we'll surely get back to you or email us directly at 

With deepest gratitude, 
Pawel Dlugosz

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